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 Get-PowerCLIConfiguration Get-PowerCLIConfiguration
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +Die Powershell loggt wie Blöde in /​var/​log/​messages. Dazu gibt es zwei Workarounds. Dokumentiert unter 
 +''​Added a cron job to find/delete those files and added the following file (/​etc/​rsyslog.d/​40-powershell.conf) to stop logging which seems to work okay.
 +:syslogtag, contains, "​powershell["​ stop''​
 +''​Lowering the log level from Powershell by doing the following fixes the verbose logging:
 +Find out where $PSHOME is. My $PSHOME pointed to /​opt/​microsoft/​powershell/​6/​. Take note that $PSHOME is a variable in PWSH, not in any other shell.
 +Create a file in $PSHOME named powershell.config.json.
 +Add the following JSON to the file:
 +{ "​LogLevel":​ "​error"​ }
 +Other log levels are found here: https://​docs.microsoft.com/​en-us/​powershell/​module/​microsoft.powershell.core/​about/​about_logging_non-windows?​view=powershell-6#​configuring-logging-on-non-windows-system''​
 ===== Raspi mit VLANs ===== ===== Raspi mit VLANs =====
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